Bunkering Tanker Ships

SPECTRA FUELS can arrange marine fuels for tanker ships at worldwide ports. Tanker ships carry crude oil and products like petrol, gasoline, kerosene, etc. There are specialized chemical tankers to carry chemicals and also juice tankers to carry juices like orange juice etc.

Tanker ships are also classified as per their size; there are Ultra large crude carriers (ULCC) they can carry up to 500,000 Metric tons. There are Very large crude carriers (VLCC) they have carrying capacity of 250,000 Metric tons. Panamax tankers are tankers that can pass through the Panama Canal. The cargo tankers which cannot be classified under this category because of their size are known as the Post-Panamax tankers. Aframax tankers can carry cargo between 80,000-120,000 tonnes. Suezmax tankers are ships that can pass through suez canal.

We at SPECTRA FUELS fully understand that each ship is unique and has unique bunkering requirement so we handle the fuelling accordingly.

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