Bunkering Gas Carriers

SPECTRA FUELS can arrange marine fuels for Gas Carriers at worldwide ports. Cargoes carried on gas carriers are LPG, LNG, Butadiene, Ethylene, Propylene, Ammonia, Vinyl Chloride, Ethylene oxide, Propylene oxide, Chlorine, etc. Gas carriers can be of following types, fully pressurised gas carrier, semi-pressurised gas ships, Ethylene and gas/chemical carriers, full refrigerated ships, LNG Carriers.

The ports to which gas carriers call are generally fixed for a period of time, which leaves the vessel owner/operator/charterers with limited bunkering options, SPECTRA FUELS understands this fact and can work on marine fuel requirements of Gas carriers accordingly.

Please get in touch with us to discuss bunkering options like contracts, spot, fixed forward price, market linked price and others.