Bunkering Dredgers

SPECTRA FUELS can arrange marine fuels for Dredgers at worldwide ports. Dredging is an excavation activity usually carried out underwater to keep waterways navigable, to replenish sand on beaches, for land reclamation and other purposes. Dredgers may be broadly classified into three main groups depending upon the method used to transport loosened material from the sea-bed to the water surface. These are Mechanical dredgers, Hydraulic dredgers and others. Types of dredgers are Bucket dredger, Grab dredger, Backhoe dredger, Suction dredger, Cutter suction dredger, Trailing suction hopper dredger, Reclamation dredger, Barge unloading dredger, Air-lift dredgers, Augur suction dredgers, Pneumatic dredgers, Amphibious dredger, Plough or bed-leveller, water injection dredger.

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